Some fun projects we worked on

  • Hi! We’re a design studio in The Netherlands.

    Our favorite projects are the ones where we get to talk to a lot of your users so that we can make informed design decisions. We love to work on projects where we are challenged to design easy solutions for complex problems.

  • We help you open up your services to more people.

    From evaluating your products against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to usability testing with people with varying abilities, we can help you find out how accessible your products are.

    • Accessibility Quickscan
    • Accessibility Audit
    • Usability Testing

    Usability testing

    Usability testing can be a great way to test for accessibility and build awareness in your team.

  • Let us train your team.

    We help teams in tailored sessions to increase their capabilities to design and build more accessible products.

    Training and workshops

    We’re regularly invited to speak and give workshops about accessibility and inclusive design.

Frozen Rockets Academy

We invite the smartest people in the industry to teach workshops about (inclusive) design and accessibility.

Take a look at our workshops

Our workshops

  • Inclusive Design for Coders by Heydon Pickering

    Photo of Heydon Pickering
  • Content Design by Sarah Richards

    Photo of Sarah Richards
  • Design for users across cultures by Jenny Shen

    Photo of Jenny Shen
  • UX Design for Machine Learning and AI by Josh Clark

    Photo of Josh Clark
  • Easy and Affordable User Testing by Ida Aalen

    Photo of Ida Aalen
  • Inclusive React by Almero Steyn

    Photo of Almero Steyn
  • The Rules of ARIA by Hidde de Vries

    Photo of Hidde de Vries
  • Accessible UI Patterns by Sara Soueidan

    Photo of Sara Soueidan