Hire us if you want to open up your services to more people. We’ll design a simple solution for your complex problems, or help you evaluate the accessibility of your existing products. We’re up for a good challenge.




User Experience Design

To make informed design decisions, we talk to your users. A lot. We love to work on projects where we are challenged to design user-friendly solutions for complex problems.

  • Content Strategy

    Presenting information to your users is the purpose of your website. We help you set up the right process to produce the content your users want and understand.

  • Information Architecture

    Structuring your content in a way that makes it easy for your users to find their way is key to good usability.

  • Interaction Design

    Designing products that are meaningful, useful and usable is the core of design. We help you get the most out of your products by focusing on the full range of human capabilities.

Accessibility Evaluation

From evaluating your products against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 to usability testing with people with varying abilities, we can help you find out how accessible your products are.

  • Accessibility Quickscan

    The best way to make sure your products are accessible, is by starting today and gradually improving it.

    We can help you kickstart this process by training your team.

  • Accessibility Audit

    If you want to know where you stand when it comes to accessibility, we can do a full audit of your website or web application based on WCAG 2.1.

  • Usability Testing

    Seeing actual people using your product is a great way to understand where the painpoints are.

    We work with people with a range of (dis)abilities to evaluate the usability and accessibility of your product.


We help teams in tailored sessions to increase their capabilities to design and build more accessible products.

  • In-company training

    We help teams in tailored sessions to increase their capabilities to design and build more accessible products.

  • Inclusive Design Workshops

    We invite the smartest people in the industry to run workshops with us.

    We’ve hosted workshops with topics ranging from accessible frontend development, usability testing, content design and UX design.

    Frozen Rockets Academy
  • Content Design courses

    We partnered with Content Design London, the pioneers behind the Content Design discipline to deliver 2-day courses in The Nederlands.

    This course is for people who have some experience in writing for the web but would like a complete grounding in producing user-centred, evidence-based content.

    Content Design London

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