2 day course

Content Design

We partnered with Content Design London, the pioneers behind the Content Design discipline to deliver 2-day courses in The Nederlands.

This course is for people who have some experience in writing for the web but would like a complete grounding in producing user-centred, evidence-based content.

After the training

  • Be able to write in a way that works with how humans read - the most efficient way of getting your message across
  • Know how to find and use the vocabulary your audience uses
  • Have different methods of creating very targeted, user-focused content
  • Be up to date with the latest research on digital user-behaviour
  • Know how to have tricky conversations with data (perfect for getting sign-off)
  • Have techniques to work collaboratively with others

Day 1

  • Why call it content design - difference in formats, difference in skills
  • Content discovery: what it is and how to use it to make informed, user-centred content decisions
  • Find your audience's vocabulary and mental models
  • User journey mapping
  • User needs: writing user stories and job stories - the difference between them and which to use
  • Structuring your page

Day 2

  • Reading psychology
  • Peer review and pair writing - why do it and how it can stop arguments with lawyers/marketing/people with sign-off
  • Content crits: why have one and we’ll run one
  • Define success - what are you actually measuring and why? Where to get meaningful metrics that can help you make content decisions
  • Conversations with stakeholders using data
  • Dealing with legal.
Dutch / English
2 days
Peter van Grieken
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